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Comments in SQL query have a simple purpose. They keep the code well-arranged for others and also explain its logic. If you mark some text as a comment it will not be taken as an SQL command and therefore it will not be executed. SQL Comment can be written down in two ways:

  • Comment can be marked by double dash “–“. This solution is valid for 1 line only.
  • Comment can be marked by “/**/” at the start and at the end

Comment in SQL is distinguished by green color.

SQL Comment Syntaxe

First way of making a comment in SQL:

-- Comment 1
-- Comment 2

Second way of making a comment in SQL:

/* Comment 1
   Comment 2 */

Second way of commenting is preferable when the comment takes up more than 1 row.

Hint: If you are interested in SQL and would like to learn it, start with SQL Tutorials or let me know in a comment section and I will point you in the right direction.

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