What you will find below is a map of all components and tasks which are part of SSIS Project framed in SQL Server Data Tools 2015. Particular components and tasks can be found in SSIS Toolbox.

SSIS Toolbox

I plan on connecting particular definitions in this map with BI dictionary. If you will be interested, I can add tutorials for SSIS in the future.

SSIS ToolBox
1. Data flow task
1.1 Common Tasks
Aggregate component
Balanced Data Distributor
Conditional Split
Data Conversion
Data Streaming Destination
Derived Column
HDFS File Destination
HDFS FIle Source
Lookup component
Merge component
Merge Join component
Multicast component
OData Source
OLE DB Command
Row Count component
Script Component
Slowly Changing dimension
Sort component
Union All component
1.2. Other transformations
Cache Transform
CDC Splitter
Character Map
Copy Column
Data Mining Query
DQS Cleansing
Export Column
Fuzzy Grouping
Fuzzy Lookup
Import Column
Percentage Sampling
Row sampling
Term Extraction
Term Lookup
1.3. Other Sources
ADO NET Source
CDC Source
Excel Source
Flat File Source
ODBC Source
OLE DB Source
Raw File Source
XML Source
1.4. Other destinations
ADO NET Destination
DAta Mining Model Training
DataReader Destination
Dimension processing
Excel Destination
Flat File Destination
ODBC Destination
OLE DB Destination
PArtion Processing
Raw File Destination
Recordset Destination
SQL Server Compact Destination
SQL Server Destination
2. Execute SQL Task
3. Analysis services processing task
4. Bulk Insert Task
5. Data Profiling task
6. Execute Package Task
7. Expression Task
8. FileSystem Task
9. FTP Task
10. Script Task
11. Send mail task
12. Web service task
13. XML Task
14. Containers
14.1. For Loop task
14.2. Foreach Loop task
14.3. Sequence task
15. Other tasks
15.1. Analysis services execute DDL task
15.2. Back up database task
15.3. CDC Control Task
15.4. Check Database integrity Task
15.5. Data Mining Query Task
15.6. Executte SQL Server Agent Job Task
15.7. Execute T-SQL Statement Task
15.8. History Cleanup Task
15.9. Maintenance cleanup Task
15.10. Message Queue Task
15.11. Notify Operator Task
15.12. Rebuild Index Task
15.13. Reorganize Index Task
15.14. Shring Database Task
15.15. Transfer Database Task
15.16. Transfer Error Messages Task
15.17. Transfer Job Task
15.18. Transfer Logins Task
15.19. Transfer Master Stored procedures Task
15.20. Transfer Server Objects Task
15.21. Update Statistics Task
15.22. WMI data Reader Task
15.23. WMI Event Watcher Task
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