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This article is mainly for beginners getting to know SQL Server management studio. It is tool used by you as a user to communicate with SQL Server database engine from which you want to extract information. This is so called SQL Client application. It uses user interface to simply help mediate database commands.

In factories, SQL Server is usually installed on a server. All necessary stuff needed by SQL Server to work are also installed there. SQL Server management enables us to connect to this server and work with databases.

1) Logging into SQL Server management studio

First step after launch is logging in. We need to know the name of the server. In my case, I have the SQL Server installed on localhost (on my PC). If you want to know how to install SQL server, find out in article  SQL Server Express installation.

sql server management studio login - localhost

In case you want to connect to the server, the address is following: server ip address­/sql instance name. You will see this after logging in. For start, we are mostly interested in section Databases.

sql managements stuo after login

2) How to Create SQL Database using SSMS

All databases founded in given SQL instance are shown in databases section (LOCALHOST in my case). Databases are areas containing database objects as for example: tables, functions and many more. New database can be set up by pressing right mouse button.

ssms - creating new database - properties   ssms - database has been successfully createdssms for beginners how to create database

3)  How to Create Table/Insert Records into Table Through SSMS

In the moment when we have our database created, we can continue by creating tables by pressing right mouse button above Tables. After inserting name of the columns of the table and data types, save the table as moje_nova_tabulka. Create two columns ID and Text in the table.

creating table in sql management studio    creating table in sql management studio - step 2

Insertion of records into the table using SSMS:

inserting rows into table using ssms

4) SQL Query into the table

We will now perform a simple query into the table prepared in step 2) and 3). In order to enable SQL script writing, we need to launch window into which we will write the code. Launch SQL editor using button New Query.

ssms query into table

Write simple query and press button Execute or F5

simple sql script - query into table

You can learn basic SQL scripting (for beginners) in the article – The Most Commonly Used Statements for Beginners

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