Reporting services are a feature that you can use starting from the Express edition, and it is a set of services that allow you to create and publish reports. I have written a series of articles about Reporting services (the first part is here). Users can view these reports on the URL within the internal network (Report Manager or Web portal), which you define during installation – typically, it is an address like server_name/reports. The Report Manager serves as a repository for reports. You can configure things like access permissions and much more there. Additionally, you can also set up automatic report delivery via email -> SSRS Subscription. To do this, you need to have database mail configured.

Setting Up Report Email Delivery – Subscription in SSRS

Log in to the SSRS web portal

via the URL server/reports (or another URL depending on your configuration). If you don’t know the address, open “Report Server Configuration Manager” -> “Web Portal URL,” where you will find it.

Report server configuration manager - Web portal

Logging in to the SSRS Reporting Portal

After logging in to the portal, you will see a list of folders containing reports. I didn’t have any reports on the report server, so I created a folder called “Automatic Report Delivery via Email” and quickly created a report showing all changes to the DimCustomer table (see the article on tracking changes to tables – SQL Change data capture). Here’s how I made the report:

Report SSRS - We'll send this report via email

Manage Report in Report Server

In the folder with the report, click on the three dots -> Manage

Report SSRS - Manage reports

Report Settings

A menu with report settings options will appear; click on Subscriptions and then on the next screen, New Subscription

Report SSRS - Subscriptions

Setting Up a Subscription for SSRS Report

For a new subscription, fill in:

  • Name
  • Delivery method (Deliver the report to: Email)
  • Email parameters (recipient, subject, etc.)

Schedule Configuration for the Report

Next, click on Edit schedule to set the intervals for sending emails.

Report SSRS - Subscriptions - setting up a new subscription

Configure the schedule according to your needs. Then confirm the schedule and create the subscription.

Report SSRS - Subscriptions - schedule

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